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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Party Looks

Tonight we will party like it is 2999!!*!**! jayyyyy!
So what better Fashion Blogger top 10 then a Party Look Top 10? and Yes, the looks need to be New Years Eve approved, luckily I'm a very good Judge (hem hem)

Have A Happy New Year!!!

1) The Cherry Blossom Girl

Alix frames every kind of look going from Chic, Glamorous and Sophisticated to Airy Beautiful and even more playful and casual "celebration" looks, all done in perfection!

2) Kayture

Kristina looks gorgeous in silver and gold sequins and matches the dresses perfectly with shoes, clutches, coats, make-up and hair, truly finishing her looks. This 1st look with the sequined bustier and see through blouse is my favorite!

3) The Blond Salad

Looking perfect in Brights and asymmetrical shapes plus Chiara always brings the right positive attitude!

4) The Glamourai

I love Kelly's little black dresses and her gold colored tones. She always finishes looks up perfectly with hair, make-up and jewelry. The gold sequined leggings combined with the shoes is uber inspiration!!

5) Le Blog de Betty

With her incredible eye for details and bright poppy colors and a blog full of shimmery sequins Betty always tops my lists! Love this last dress!!

6) The Haute Pursuit

Vanessa looks incredibly sexy and gorgeous in this dress, love her jewelry and wild at heart attitude.

7) the Chic Muse

The dress, the clutch, the red nails and lips and the uhm black necklace thingy, whatever it is... are plainly put amazing! and in case you are not feeling a dress Denni looks most Chic in a tuxedo as well!

8) I've got a Lust for Life

I really adore Olivia's mix and match look! The skirt and skirt are delicious and I love how this look is original and creative!

9) 4th and Bleeker

ooooh Alexandra... The low scooped everythings are made for you! 

ps. loving the music on her blog so much!

10) Fashion Toast

Loose fitted Silky shimmers and little black dresses are always delicious on Rumi and I love how the looks always stay way from being pretentious. Somehow Rumi makes wearing Silver jeans and a simple tee look very Chic.

11) Alice Point

Very Simple and Chic and I love Alice silver boots which are special occasion badass ;) (plus a nice pic together with Shini)

12) Anna Dello Russo

Last and absolutely certainly not least: Anna Dello Russo.
Over the top? yes but Pretentious? No. That's why I love her and her looks always get me in the mood to dress up and have fun!


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