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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

COCOROSA for ASOS Marketplace


Looking ahead to the Holiday season and wanting to highlight their huge range of vintage and independent designer dresses, emphasising how simple it is to get our hands on a unique piece in time for the holiday season, ASOS Marketplace created a No Same Dress Fear’ list with a selection of amazing vintage party dresses!

‘No Same Dress Fear’ promotes the idea that you’re not going to turn up to an event wearing the same outfit as somebody else (because we’ve all been there, right?) and I just love the idea of wearing independent designers and vintage party dresses! So when ASOS Marketplace asked me to showcase my ‘No Same Dress Fear’ Party look I got totally exited! I went for the Ruby Bow dress since I wanted a Winter look for cozy house gatherings (hell yeah, I'm talking about food and Chissy gifts) layered with a lace top underneath and some killer heels! 

wearing: Kendelle Ruby Bow dress via Asos Marketplace, H&M Lace top, H&M socks,  Bershka heels

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