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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chanel transparent bag

I feel a bit like candy today because of my pink trousers, nails, lips and lilac hair. I admit I have been a bit obsessed with pastel things recently. I can't wear anything without them. Pastels work well with black clothes, so it's always easy to match them up.
Also, I can't take my eyes of this amazing, transparent Chanel bag. Nothing better than a Chanel under your arm, ey?

We took these pictures last week in SoHo. There are a lot of cool backgrounds for pictures there, from dirty grey garages to colorful bars and cafes.

ph. by Adam Kaniowski, edited by Belletette

( Top Shop bomber jacket and jumper, H&M Trend pants, Chanel transparent bag, Pixie Market heels, Local Heroes iphone case, Zara necklace, Bourjois pink lipstck)

MUSIC: Jessie Ware - Running

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