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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Floral Shirts

(photo by Fashion Nerdic)

I guess I have to use the word "Celine" at least one time in this weeks fashion Blogger Top 10 since this Top 10 is all about the Celine inspired florals (yes, the floral suit, seen here) and part of a suit is of course a shirt! 

Can you imagine how happy we all were when the  Zara brought us a delicious Floral-Celine-look-a-like shirt? Yes, very Happy! and can you imagine how happy I was when I found exactly 10 Fashion Bloggers wearing this same shirt? yes, very Happy (double joy)!(uhm 11 by now)

1) Park&Cube

I'm a big fan of Shini's Floral Shirt look! The way the blouse peeps out from under the big knit and heavy woolen coat is just beautiful! (Oh.. and maybe the Pastel color combination has something to do with my big love as well)

2) Fashion Nerdic

Ilanka really knows how to style Zara's shirt (and florals in general for that matter!) I love her photos and love the combination of the blouse with the H&M trend floral trousers, most delicious is the floral collar peeping out from under the mohair knit! yum yum!

3) Where Did U Get That!

Karen really knows her way around florals as well, so to me it was no surprise she would look amazing in the Zara shirt and look brilliant in the floral shirt/trousers combination!

4) the Haute Pursuit

Vanessa looks great in bontanicals. period. I'm still very much in love with her tropical pants look seen here!

5) Fashion Toast

It looks like Rumi is standing in the florals natural habitat? I'm not sure because I'm not a flower expert by a long mile but I do expect the flowers on this Zara shirt to pop up on these photos backgrounds any minute now!

6)Personal Uniform

My new favorite blog! So much inspiration!! I love Sophia's fearless mixing and matching!

7) Chic Muse

I have great expectations!!

8) Fashion Vibe

The Zara florals looking gorgeous on Zina!

9) Purple Wang

Loving the florals with the maxi sheer skirt!!

10) Just Like Sushi

Joy wears the blouse in a beautifully simple and classic way!

11) Sania Claus

Last and absolutely not least; Sania Claus!
Loving loving loving the full flower look with the Rodebjer Jacket, YSL lipstick and black draped scarf. The YSL (Rouge) lipstick seems to the perfect shade for the florals by far!


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