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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Je T'aime Miista

Miista wilma-sand shoes, WildFox Je T'aime tee, Zara sequined leggings, Satchel from Ebay, H&M cardigan

So this is how the outfit that I laid out here turned out, I switched the TopShop bag for the (Ebay) Satchel (seen in a post here) and added a slouchy cardigan to tone down the sugarness a bit.

I just bought the same shape cardigan at H&M yesterday (creme colored with some stripes at the bottom, let's just say the nautical version, love it)

I really hate my toes so I went out of my way to show you close-ups of the shoes haha, I just learned yesterday that they are a limited stock and I'm soooooo happy I got a hold of the last size 6, because I really love them and they seemed to be the kind of missing shoe in my wardrobe to style with outfits like these!


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