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Monday, March 28, 2011

What to wear

Miista wilma-sand shoes, WildFox Je T'aime tee, Zara leggings, The Olive Shoppe Dino Cuff, TopShop bag, various make-up

I always like to lay things out on my bed, kind of making a collage of what to wear (note that next to my bed there will be a big pile of items that got shifted out haha)

I know there will be an overkill of certain items on my blog but the truth is I'm not the kind of girl that never wears the same kind of thing again, I'm like a real normal person, you know haha, I really wear my favs a lot and like to keep them in rotation, re-styling them over and over again..

The items look overly girly all together and a possible downfall for cheesyness, but you know I'm going to wear it anyway haha, the trick will be minimal make-up, sloppy hair and minimal accessories, I might even ditch the topshop purse, actually I know I will ditch the purse! Replacing it by a ocker/brown old leather looking purse if I can find one!

My new Miista shoes are really fab!! the detailing is so good, the leather a perfect sand/nude color and they make my legs look taller haha


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