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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Styling with

Last sunday I flew over to Borås in sweden, to get together with a few fellow bloggers to style the Xmas lookbook for! while I was doing my best to represent Finland, we spent the day in a huge closet and got to and try on the new collection, both Nelly's own and all the great brands they sell like Rodebjer, Jeffery Campbell, Diesel, Whyred..

First we got to pick our outfits, above Trine from Denmark who I already knew from the MTV campain from last spring, wearing those amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I chose a beautiful Buddha to buddha bracelet.

me, Yara and Frida getting our hair done... suprise suprise I wanted a side braid. I think I've only met Yara once before but she is so kind and easy to get along with.

Swedens Frida Fahrman getting ready. I loved meeting her, especially loved our chatty taxi ride to the airport.

Nike - one of the girls from the German team, having a hard time deciding on the shoes... can't blame her though.

Blogging in between shooting. I felt guilty for not doing it....

Then to the styling.. we did two looks, this was one of mine. I loved the idea of wearing a chocker necklace under the collar, you can get the silver and gold here

model wearing a beautiful ida sjöstedt cardi (coming soon), vila shorts and nelly gold choker. I wore a diesel dress, gestuz jacket, nelly necklace and guess boots, all from

Later we went to the Nelly HQ, where we also got to see Elin Kling's Nowhere collection, that is being sold at Nelly. I admit to be a fan of every piece, so you know what I am going to be wearing this winter, starting from this week!

Thanks to all the girls and especially to the Nelly team for such a well organised day x

I also have some veeeerrrrrryyyy exciting news to tell you! as there was also another reason why I flew to sweden.... I promise I'm not trying to be all annoying by making you wait until tomorrow but it's news that deserves more than a little side mention, and I am falling a sleep on my keyboard right now. So more tomorrow.. (hint: it's probably what you think it is, YEAH)

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