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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Pets

Bunny (The Glamourai) shot by sea of shoes

I have to admit, I'm not only following fashion bloggers, I follow their little 4 legged friends as well and some of these fluffballs are as well known as their fashion counter parts.

1) Bunny

Yes, this little creature is a dog with ears about to become famous.
You can follow Bunny's fashionable whereabouts on

2) Unnamed Rabbit

3) Tintifax

Famous quote:whatthefuckdoyouwantandwhatwillidestroynextyeah

4) Kumo

This stylish fluffy fuzzy thing is a cat (obviously he or she likes to eat)
follow Kumo on

5) Kim

Look at that, Kim's hot and she knows it.
see more of Kim on Sea of Shoes

6) Charcoal

Charcoal seriously rules, rumor has it that he actually coordinates Aimee's outfits but I promised not to tell...
Song of Style

7) Unnamed Bunny

8) Unnamed Cat
Every time I spy photos of this cat I just get warm inside..

9) Matilda

Matilda has her own twitter and probably the biggest wardrobe, a rising star among the pets.
Matilda's Twitter

10) Whizzbee

he's mine mine mine
Whizzbee makes the best DIY shredded and hole-y cardigans, sweaters and socks, moths have nothing on this little fella..

11) Miku
The happiest dog (plus little feline friends Vester and Lacy)

12) Oliver
Oliver is a dog of all seasons and a true New York insider.

13) Boogie

I did not dare to forget boogie.

What's your top 10?



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