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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is a public, birthday wish list for family and friends

Just a little innocent wish list for my birthday that is coming up (again) on saturday. So family and friends, if you are thinking about not really getting me anything because ''I live abroad'' or because you assume I ''already have everything'' think again, I am clearly lacking some of the following items...

1. Acne ombre jacket, simply gorgeous, no explanation needed
2. Kurt geiger heels, like jewellery for your feet, just landed on their website..
3. Ipad, I just really want one
4. Celine large boston tote, what a dream
5. Lumi bag, Finnish design and goes with everything
6. A Canon G12, although I really need everything on this list, this one is probably the reasonable one
7. Fashionology ring, beautiful accessory that would be perfect with black
8. Any book on fossils, totally intriguing
9. Alexander wang heels - simplified joy as the 'cape' can also be taken off
10. Sabre sunglasses - been on my wish list since summer, now that the season is over, it might be time
11. Karen millen satchel - just perfect to fit my camera
12. Simone rocha heels - a work of art, a solution to wearing flats without them actually being flats
13. Mawi bracelet - spikes and jems? yes please
14. Acne brogues - growing on me... also love them in black
15. Aldo heels - how great is the low cut?
16. Margiela rings - beautiful idea, even more beautiful in that bronze colour

ps. for the ones this is aimed at, you should take me bloody seriously! for the ones that it's not, totally do not.

pps. for the men in my life, I made it in to a sudoku so you could enjoy it just a tinsy bit more <3


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